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hi everybody,

I was writing a description and I got stuck- can you tell me which adjective can go with a word "silhouette"? (I mean a positive collocation, but I want to find something better than just good silhouette).

thanks a lot
  • JamesM

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    slim/ominous/hulking/frozen/syphlike/tall/portly/sharp/trademark (as in Alfred Hitchcock ;) ), voluptuous, hazy....

    I agree with mgarizona. There are many adjectives that could be used in front of silhouette.


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    a voluptuous silhouette ?

    Or do you think Twiggy had a great figure?

    How did Twiggy enter into it? :) I was thinking more along the lines of Mae West, Marilyn Monroe, or even Jessica Rabbit (Roger Rabbit's voluptuous wife in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"). Put a strong backlight on any of these women in a dark room and you'll see a voluptuous silhouette.

    annief68 said:
    all I wanted to write is that somebody has a great figure.

    How about "sexy silhouette"? :) It has a nice alliteration to it.