Sillon de cuerina


Argentina, español
Quisiera saber si existe una palabra en ingles para referirme a un sillon de cuerina. (lo mas similar que se me ocurre tiene que ver con cuero, pero en realidad queria referirme al otro material).
Muchas gracias!
  • Estela07

    Argentina, español
    Supongo que es faux leather.. porque es un material un poco mas suave que el cuero, pero muy parecido.
    Muchas gracias.


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    suede cloth - a fabric made to resemble suede leather

    In the US we have a brand name called Ultrasuede. This brand name is used often to refer to synthetic suedes.


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    If you're looking at upholstery and trying to figure out what it's made of, you would say "Is this leather or vinyl?"
    I would also describe the material beanbag chairs are made out of as vinyl, or vinyl fabric.
    The trade name Naugahyde also is commonly used as a generic for any kind of imitation leather.