simile, metaphor, imagery


When a teacher asks you about the image, simile, and metaphor after reading a story, what do they expect from the answers? Please define what they mean. Thank you.
  • GenJen54

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    Hi sageo,

    Why don't you look these up first, then come give us your impressions of what is expected of you. We can then discuss their nuances.

    You might also wish to do a search on the forums here, as they have all three been discussed before.

    P.S. I changed the name of your thread to better reflect its content.

    Chaska Ñawi

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    There are as many answers to your question as there are teachers.

    Sometimes we are asking for examples. Sometimes we are looking for one strong metaphor. Sometimes we are asking you to look for a pattern.

    I suggest that you ask your teacher exactly what he/she expects from you, rather than relying on definitions of the words.
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