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Hi everyone! I'm kind of making a story in which there are some Romanians. I want to use a name as a tribute. It's the name of Simon Belmont, a vampire killer of Castlevania video game series. It's a game I love, Dracula is a book I love and Romania is a country I love too. So... I want to make this name sound Romanian to set in the story. If anybody preffers to translate it from a Romanic language, the name could be something like "Simon of the Beautiful Mount". In Spanish, "Simón del Bello Monte"; in Italian, "Simone di Bello Monte"; in French, "Simon De Belle Monte". How would it be in Romanian? I was thinking about something like "Fromus Montură", but I'm not a Romanian speaker, so I want a solution. Thanks everybody for your time!
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    For "beautiful mountain" as an expression you could use "munte frumos" however this may not help you with the (family) name much.

    Simion Munteanu is a very natural and authentic name - something like Simon from the mountain(s). Composite names like the one you're looking for are not very common in Romanian but based on the very few that I know of like Câmpulung, Țarălungă, Poalelungi, Delavrancea, Mălaimare, I could offer this suggestion: Simion Muntenalt (Munte înalt -> High mountain).

    Why not beautiful mountain? Because Muntefrumos (the combination of mountain and beautiful) doesn't sound right to me, în Romanian. There's a certain flow and even a melody in these names which I don't find in Muntefrumos.

    Perhaps other members can offer more inspired suggestions.



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    There is a village in Sibiu County (Transilvania) formerly known as Schönberg (Beautiful Mountain), nowadays it is called Dealu Frumos (Beautiful Hill) in Romanian.
    There are also other villages with this name (at least 4) in other regions of Romania.