...simply login with your email address whenever you <'re sending><send> money online.

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Send Money, Transfer Money or Pay Online with PayPal - PayPal

Sample sentence:

Add a card to your PayPal account and simply login with your email address whenever you<'re sending><send> money online.


Is it correct to use the present simple tense in the above sentence? If it is, is there any change in meaning in terms of perception?

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!

  • lingobingo

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    If you say whenever you send money, instead of whenever you're sending money, it tends to suggest that you log in after transferring the money — which is of course not true.

    whenever you send money = on every occasion when you send money / every time you send money

    whenever you're sending money = whenever what you're [in the process of] doing is sending money
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