Simul omnia vincemus

Discussion in 'Lingua Latina (Latin)' started by Balloongirl, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Me gustaría saber si la frase "simul omnia vincemus" esta bien escrita y si significa "juntas lo vencemos/superamos todo"

    Se podría escribir también "vincemus simul omnia" o "vincemus omnia simul"?

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  2. Calabrone_ New Member

    iunctae omnia vincimus

    Nota 1) Juntas - Iunctae...non ti ricorda qualcosa?.
    Nota 2) In latino "mi piace" vedere il verbo alla fine.
    Nota 3) Se lo dovessi tradurre in italiano, direi : unite supereremo tutto.
    Ps : Sin dall inizio,giacchè lo hai gia postato anche nel forum di italiano,lo avrei tradotto in latino,piu che in italiano.
  3. Scholiast

    Scholiast Senior Member

    salvete omnes!

    Calabrone_'s answer was premature.

    Balloongirl has two questions here, so I may be out of order in answering them both, but Cagey (Moderator) will advise.

    First, we need a more precise context. The adverb simul may mean either, as Balloongirl suggests, "together" - "juntas" - that is, "if we co-ordinate our actions we will overcome everything"; equally, however, it may be strictly temporal, "we shall overcome everything at one and the same time", " one fell swoop". Without more contextual information, it is impossible to decide where the emphasis lies.

    Secondly, it is indeed possible in Latin to write this sentence in any word order. Subtle differences of nuance will be comported, but - again - without a wider context it is impossible to decide where the stress lies.

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