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Hello everybody,

I would like to know how to say "simulare" with regard to football. For instance, how would you say "il giocatore ha simulato il fallo" or "l'arbitro l'ha ammonito per simulazione"?

"Simulare" in italian means "fare finta di aver subito un fallo e buttarsi a terra per indurre l'arbitro a fischiare"

I've found in my dictionary a few possible translations, like "to flop down" or "to act", "to fake it", "to play"...but I'm not sure they can be applied to a play situation.

My attempts:
- "The player played foul and threw himself on the floor" (I know that you say "to play dead" for "fingersi morti" so..."to play foul" seems to make sense)
-"He got a booking for playing foul"

Thank you
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    Generalmente si usano i termini "to dive" per simulare e "diving" per simulazione:

    Il giocatore ha simulato il fallo --> The player dived
    L'arbitro l'ha ammonito per simulazione --> The referee yellow carded him for diving

    Penso che troverai interessante questo...


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    It seems to be said more often as "took a dive" and if he is really over-acting the commentator might say "looks like a Hollywood to me"