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    Prueba aquí:

    Un ejemplo, de posible interés para nuestro experta en palabras amatorias--

    Los sinónimos de amar son: (3)

    * apreciar (definición)
    * estarenamorado (definición)
    * estimar (definición)

    Debemos agradecer a La Universidad de Oviedo.

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    huh?... yo conseguí un resultado bastante más amplio en ese mismo enlace.

    cortejar, seducir, solicitar, prendarse, conquistar, idolatrar, querer, galantear, estimar, apreciar, reverenciar, venerar, enamorarse, requerir, adorar, coquetear, camelar

    Agradecidos quedamos a la Universidad de Oviedo O :eek: y a Mr C, como no :p

    Now I'm curious to know who's our experta en palabras amatorias :D

    P.S. By the way, there is a typo: "estar enamorado", two words.
    Así llegó a la pantalla...

    Hola Niña- you are a little young to be the experta, but with work and time, and a good apprenticeship...¿quién sabe hasta dónde puedes llegar?

    When I first found the site, the default was set at 5 sinónimos. Perhaps that explains why you found so many more meanings of amar. Or perhaps it's just that you are more nuanced than I with the topic! --Cuchiflado
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    Spain - Spanish
    Ayyy! And I'll take advantage of this topic to share an interesting link in my opinion. It's a dictionary that provides you with grammatical info about any Spanish word as well as synonyms and antonyms. (self-thinking) I'm not sure if I should have create a new topic for this..hmm (end-selfthink)

    Anyway, here it is -->

    In this same page there are some other useful tools for Spanish learners... and speakers :D
    -Speller : it checks any spelling mistake in your Spanish text.
    -Conjugator : It conjugates any Spanish verb for you
    -Hiphenator: I'm not sure what's the point of this,jeje :eek: . Maybe dividing the words into syllables?
    -Numerical Engine : it turns numbers to letters and vice versa.
    -Lemmatizer : it finds the lemmas of a word But will it find and solve the di-lemas? En serio, I tried ten different words, and this tool does NOT work as advertised, and, by the way, most of these links are advertisements for software products for sale!
    The thesauras does work, quite well, but the lemmatizer does not.

    And that's all for now folks [​IMG]

    My, my, my...what good trouble our child can get herself into when la madre is out shopping!
    Mil gracias, Niña. Ya te toca separar todo esto, y empezar una variedad de 'threads' nuevos!
    [por favor]



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