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Dictionary entry: sin demasiada dificultad
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Spanish - Spain
1. sin demasiada dificultad / sin mucha dificultad
2. without (too) much difficulty / fluently (language: with ease)*
3. Hablo portugués sin demasiada dificultad > I speak Portuguese without (too) much difficulty / I speak Portuguese fluently

*While 'fluently' can be used as a translation for both terms in Spanish (especially when talking about languages), it does NOT translate the same way from English to Spanish.

Note: Adding 'too' is more recommended when translating the first term in Spanish ("sin demasiada dificultad").
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    Hello, eneko_c.

    Can you please clarify which entry you are reporting? I wasn't able to find the compound form "sin demasiada dificultad" in our dictionary. :confused:

    Or were you suggesting that we add a brand new entry for this compound term?
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