Sin embargo, aún es muy extenso el paisaje de techos inermes

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  1. cmctrans New Member

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    Could anyone help me with this phrase? The context is a book about new kinds of constructions/architecture that is taking advantage of space on rooftops, etc to save space and create new living spaces:

    "Sin embargo, aún es muy extenso el paisaje de techos inermes por alcanzar."

    My attempt is:

    "However, the landscape is still full rooftops which cannot be reached".

    My problem is with "inerme"...

    For context, the sentence before this is:
    La idea de revitalizar el suelo de los techos urbanos está siendo hoy ya una realidad, como revelan los proyectos de este libro, que descubren cientos de metros cuadrados de esta nueva arquitectura que se extiende en las alturas.

    Any suggestions most welcome.

    Thanks!! :)
  2. Idiomático Senior Member

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    Latin American Spanish
    It is a strange use of the word inerme. Maybe the author means bare, in the sense that they are not being used for the intended purpose.
  3. Vicky_Diaz Member

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    Inerme= desamparado, desprotegido, vulnerable

    A bit tricky to translate 'vulnerable' 'disarmed' 'helpless' roofs?

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