sin pena ni gloria

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  1. Snoy Member

    Que significa sin pena ni gloria?

    Gracias Snoy
  2. jackaustralia Senior Member

    Australia English
    Presumably 'without pain or glory' but maybe wait for a second opinion from the natives. It is an expression in English also.
  3. yayu Senior Member

    Between Soria and New York
    Madrid, spanish
    Significa "pasar desapercibido" "sin ser notado" "sin hacer nada importante"...
  4. Jone1979 Member


    Jackaustralia lo ha bordado (Por utilizar otra expresión).

    Jackautralia is rigth.
  5. Snoy Member

    Hmmm, shouldn't it then be "witout a shame and glory"? pena= a shame, but what do I know?
  6. Jone1979 Member

    I think that the meaning is the same.

  7. Jone1979 Member

    Better expresed:

    It is the same meaning.
  8. Sheriff

    Sheriff Senior Member

    USA English & Spanish
    Hi, guys!

    I beg to differ. I have not heard natives using "Without pain or glory" in the sense it has in Spanish. Sin pena ni gloria is more related to "go unnoticed," though it is not the only translation. Yayu had it just right.

    More suggestions?

  9. Marxelo

    Marxelo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Castellano Rioplatense
    Algo que pasa sin pena ni gloria es algo que no genera ninguna reacción (ni positiva ni negativa) aún cuando se tuviera alguna expectativa de ello. También puede referirse a algún eventos, o acción. En general se usa cuando algo decepciona.

    Un ejemplo:

    El huracán parecía peligroso pero pasó sin pena ni gloria. (un huracán muy débil).
  10. jeterinmicipen Banned

    Seguro que hay multitud de traducciones. EN el contexto del cine por ejemplo, ayer ví "abrazos rotos" y sin más me gustó, pero es un film sin pena ni gloria. (= muy normal)
  11. jeterinmicipen Banned

    Se me olvidó como se tradiciría en inglés?
  12. jeterinmicipen Banned

    quizás " an average film"
  13. jeterinmicipen Banned

    or a flim without glory
  14. jeterinmicipen Banned

    ALguien sabría traducir " sin pena ni gloria" en la siguiente frase.
    El último film de Almodóvar " Los abrazos rotos" pasará a la historia sin pena ni gloria"
    Almodovar´s latest film will go down to history without glory.
  15. Sin ninguna transcendencia, que no deja huella ni para bien, ni para mal
  16. jeterinmicipen Banned

    sí claro, pero mi pregunta era como traducir el sin pena ni gloria en inglés .
  17. mullet57

    mullet57 Senior Member

    South East Florida
    US English
    Not a literal translation but I would say “No pain no glory” or “No guts no glory “
  18. jeterinmicipen Banned

    Entonces en la frase de la película sería algo así como:
    The film will go down o history with no guts or glory"
  19. jeterinmicipen Banned

    Me da la impresión, que alguien me corrija si puede, de que no guts no glory , quiere decir si no hay pena , no hay gloria, es decir sin esfuerzo no hay recompensa.
  20. z1563655 Member

    The film will go down in history without guts or glory
  21. CuquiC Member

    Más bien, "This film will not go down in history as glorious" o "This film will not go down in history as one of Almodovar´s best".

    Espero que esto te ayude.

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  22. z1563655 Member


  23. jeterinmicipen Banned

    thank you. Entonces cómo sería sin esfuerzo no hay recompensa, no pain no gain, supongo.
  24. riscman Senior Member

    Warwick England
    It seems to be saying, the film didn't plumb the depths, nor scale the heights.
    It was neither very bad, nor very good. In short it was pretty ordinary.
  25. jeterinmicipen Banned

    I like it, it´s really poetic.
  26. elkerre Senior Member

    I'd like to add my two-cents since this is a hard one, even though it might sound simple. I've come up with the following sentence in Spanish: "Lo enterrraron sin pena ni gloria". And I've found a lot of entries on the Net for this unique Spanish expression but the one I've liked the best is: "Without grief of glory". I realize it basically means "unnoticed" and I presume the context is important. In any case, I just wanted to give my humble input. Thanks
  27. aloofsocialite

    aloofsocialite Senior Member

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    English - USA (California)
    How funny, I've never heard any of these expressions in English. "Sin pena ni gloria" is one of those phrases that translates a little different depending on the context.

    Lo enterraron sin pena ni gloria. They gave him an unceremonious burial.
    La película pasará a la historia sin pena ni gloria. The film will pass unremarkably into the history books.
    El huracán pasó sin pena ni gloria. The hurricane passed by without much note.
  28. elkerre Senior Member


    True enough: But "ni pena ni gloria" connotes something to the effect of "without sorrow or fanfare", when, (in the burial case) it is a nobody we are talking about, and unceremoniously does not necessarily capture this concept; it could be a good man buried without pomp or ceremony (this might just work). In any case, I will let it sit and see what comes of it. I may be back with something better.
  29. aloofsocialite

    aloofsocialite Senior Member

    San Francisco / Oakland, CA
    English - USA (California)
  30. Susoo7 New Member

    Sin Pena Ni Gloria = No guts No Glory!!!

    Saludos, Cheers!!!
  31. aloofsocialite

    aloofsocialite Senior Member

    San Francisco / Oakland, CA
    English - USA (California)
    Hola Susso7 y bienvenida/o:

    Lamento discrepar, pero creo que "no guts no glory" suele traducirse por "quien no arriesga, no gana". "Sin pena ni gloria" es otra cosa; ("sin destacar").

    Un cordial saludo


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