Sin perjuicio de garantizar el cumplimiento


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Hi again.

Another legal term, though this time I am not sure if the construction of my attempt is correct.

The sentence in Spanish: Sin perjuicio de garantizar el cumplimiento de todas las reglamentaciones vigentes.....

My translation: Without prejudice in guaranteeing the compliance with all the current, valid regulations....

I am not sure about the preposition "in" + gerund......
  • Lizzyd

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    Thanks Cal. However my doubt was about the construction: "prejudice IN guaranteeING"..... Is that right?


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    Yo también me preguntaba acerca de la gramática de la frase y lo que fui encontrando siempre fue: Without prejudice + NOUN. Without prejudice to the agreement.... I hope this helps.

    Joe Esquire

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    Hi, Weblau,
    Here is some additional context.
    “Sin perjuicio de garantizar” may be legally understood in the context of the entire phrase, but it is a short cut for “Sin perjuicio a la obligación de garantizar....” meaning without impairing or affecting the obligation to guarantee. Thus if the phrase were complete, it should be properly and generally be followed by a noun.
    As Cal said “without prejudice to (the obligation)...” . Sometimes one has to translate a poorly constructed given phrase, but a literal translation may make it worse in the receiving language.