sin prisa pero sin pausa

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  1. termes Senior Member

    It's an expression meaning you do something without being in a hurry but without stopping.

    IS there and idiom or expression in English?

  2. MonaArg Senior Member

  3. termes Senior Member

    Gracias MonaARG, es que pensé que habría algún idiom que quisiera decir lo mismo
  4. cirrus

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    I think what's offered seems a bit clumsy and literal. With a boat you will hear people saying steady as she goes. This means you aren't going fast but you are making progress. You'll also hear people talking about making haste slowly. If you are hasty you are going too fast as in the expression marry in haste, repent at leisure. If you make haste slowly you get the job done without making mistakes, you are being methodical.
  5. freyae New Member

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    maybe "slow but steady" is good as equivalent expression.
  6. Conjug8 Member

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    Another possibility might be "slowly but surely"

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