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  1. sinanom New Member

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    Hi, this is my first and only post here. My German girlfriend whose first name is "Sina", which is quite common, recently moved to the Balearic Island and discovered that her name translates to breast in Catalan. Her full first name is actually longer, but she has been using only the first part of it.

    1. How commonly known is this word?
    2. How colloquial, derogatory, sexual, or scientific is the usage of it? Is it "tit", "breast" or something else?
    3. Might it be funny or embarrassing to hear or read it to someone else or her?
    4. Would you suggest to use another part of her first name(s)?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Doraemon- Senior Member

    "Spanish - Spain" "Catalan - Valencia"
    The word exists, it means breast (chest or tits) but it's not a common word at all, at least in my region. I wouldn't even think on tits if I met someone with that name. Not by the name, I mean...
  3. ernest_

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    I agree with Doraemon. It's related to Spanish seno, which is a commonly used "polite" word for breast, but Catalan sina is very rare, not well-known and most likely an archaism.
  4. Dymn Senior Member

    Catalan (native) & Castilian
    How did she realise it? Because I agree that it is a very rare word, in fact I must admit it's the first time I've heard it. Perhaps it's a Balearic dialectal word (which island are we talking about?), although apparently this word is/was used in Western Catalonia, according to DCVB.

    I personally wouldn't worry.
  5. Penyafort

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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)
    1. It is not old fashioned or dialectal, but it is only used in formal or literary texts. It is very rare in the spoken language.
    2. Not like 'tit' or even 'breast', rather like 'bosom'.
    3. I personally would, but most people will not. And it is not embarrassing at all.
    4. Not really.
  6. Agró

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    Alta Navarra
    I will not comment further than what my fellow foreros did, but this is a fine example of the word.

    Joan Salvat-Papasseit, L'irradiador del Port i les gavines (1921).

    a Josep A. Font i Cases

    Un perfum de colors ha invadit a Margot
    S'ha vestida de pressa:
    I perquè hom no sabés de sa sina l'olor
    s'ha posada una flor
    damunt la roba fresca
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  7. Doraemon- Senior Member

    "Spanish - Spain" "Catalan - Valencia"
    What's the difference?
    Bosom (merriam-webster):
    a : the human chest and especially the front part of the chest: hugged the child to his bosom
    b : a woman's breasts regarded especially as a single feature: a woman with an ample bosom; also : breast a woman's bosoms
  8. Penyafort

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    Catalan (Catalonia), Spanish (Spain)
    Breast is a common word and used in more areas and contexts than bosom. So even if not analogous, because the usage is different, it bears some ressemblance with pit and sina in Catalan.

    Notice how the "a" definition above would correspond to the Catalan word si (hugged the child to his bosom = amb una abraçada va atreure l'infant cap al seu si), which has the same origin as sina (Latin SINUS).

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