Since he became successful

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    Hello everyone! I'd like to hear any possible explanations on the following sentence: "Since he became successful"
    As far as I know we use since with the present Perfect tense....., here since is used in the beginning of the sent. is the meaning of since changed here??????
    I'll appreciate any help)
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    Welcome, Crazy Girl, :)

    Apart from the suggestion above, if you are still in doubt, we would need more context, a full sentence, the one you gave looks incomplete, and a sentence before and after the one you provided (if there are any). Without that, it's impossible to be totally sure what 'since' means here.
    Another thing is that using past simple with 'since' is OK and standard in English. Whether it is correct depends on context.
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    Are you asking for a translation in Spanish? You have posted your question in the Spanish-English Vocabulary forum. However, your forum profile says that your native languages are English and Ukranian (which means that you are fully bilingual and that you have spoken them both fluently since childhood).

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