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Discussion in 'English Only' started by Christhiane, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Christhiane Senior Member

    I've got a question about the expression since we've been together.

    When you say (ever) since combined with have been it sounds so me as though they were together some time in the past, but not anymore even if it is still relevant in the present.

    Is it just that I don't fully understand the functions of since or is it just slightly weird a set expression that I need to accept?
  2. MillyMal Member

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    You can say ever since we have been together. this is how we speak in English!!;)
    it shows that the couple have been together for a while
  3. cuchuflete

    cuchuflete Senior Member

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    Hi Christhiane,
    Since we've been together on this forum, we have learned a little about languages. The action of our being together began in the past and continues now.

    Since we had been together, we learned about languages on the forums. The action began at a past time, and ended at a more recent past time.
  4. languageGuy Senior Member

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    Since has (at least) two functions.

    It can mean 'because.' In this sense, you would say something like, "Since we've been together for such a long time, I will forgive you."

    It can mean 'from some moment in the past till now.' In this case, you might say, "Since the day we met, I have loved you."

    Your example, I agree, sounds odd, but I would bet some people do say that. A better wording would be, "For as long as we 've been together..." I think you do understand it, as well as I do.

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