Sinceritate or Candor?

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    I've seen different translations of the quote "Sincerity gives wings to strength" in Latin.

    1). Sinceritate dat viribus alas
    2). Candor dat viribus alas

    It seems to me that it's just a matter of choosing 'candor' as another way of saying 'sincerity,' but is one of these more correct than the other for any reason?
  2. relativamente Senior Member

    catalan and spanish
    I found these results in a well known online dictionary

    Candor (masc)

    In general: A dazzling, glossy whiteness, a clear lustre, clearness, radiance, brightness, brilliancy, splendor, glitter, etc.
    Of mind or character: candor, purity, integrity, sincerity, openness, frankness

    Sinceritas (fem) : cleanness, purity, soundness, wholeness.

    I think don't think there's a big difference . Candor makes you think of white brilliant colour.

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