1. MateoAzul New Member

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    ¿Es como una metáfora?

    Sample sentence:
    Quisiera aprender el significado de la palabra: sinestesia.
  2. Kong Ze

    Kong Ze Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    Del buscón de la RAE:
    Al mencionar la metáfora, supongo que te refieres a la tercera definición.
    Dinos si necesitas alguna aclaración.
  3. chicalita

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    Not sure I understand what you're asking but here goes - 'sinestesia' (or synesthesia in English) is an actual neurological condition that people have, it's not a metaphor. Except maybe under the RAE 3rd definition, but even there a kind of 'synthesis' seems to be what's described.

    Apologies if I've confused the issue.
  4. mariposita

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    It is synesthesia or synaesthesia. As in Spanish, in addition to describing the medical condition, it is an academic term used in literary and art criticism.
  5. Txiri

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    It is a characteristic feature of the poetry of Ruben Dario and Modernismo for example.
  6. COLsass

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    synesthesia is a metaphor. Metaphors are just comparisons between two things, in this case taking one sensory experience and bringing in another.

    As in the example: a green scream. the scream isn't green so it's an implicit simile--the scream has some characteristic that makes it seem green. That's a metaphor.
  7. Chaska Ñawi

    Chaska Ñawi modus borealis

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    This was also discussed last week, if you look here.
  8. gurisita Member

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    Argentina, castellano
    Sinestesia es cuando una persona puede ver sonidos, oir colores, a traves del tacto de una superficie percibir un gusto,etc. Para que quede mas claro te doy un ejemplo: una persona que escucha un sonido agudo y mira una imagen roja, va a ver ese color mas chillon. Es un efecto comun del LSD y la mescalina (drogas).
    Espero q ayude. :D

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