Singing : Mantaining a note for a while


Chile, spanish
hi, I wonder if there is an specific word or expression for that ...
thanks in advance

Music is what feelings sound like (8)

  • But im talking about a LONG time
    40 secs for instance
    (Bruce dickinson at the end of hallowed be thy name, for instance , in rock in rio)
    When a singer holds it for a huge amount of time

    Music is what feelings sound like (8)

    You would say the singer is sustaining a note.

    Sustain is also used in a similar context for other instruments. For example, there is the sustain pedal on a piano. You can say a guitar has a lot of "sustain" (meaning after you play a note or a chord, it continues to sound for a long time), or a guitarist uses certain techniques to sustain notes/sounds when he (or she :)) is playing a solo.

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