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In Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, Mifune's character makes a flag with symbols for each of the seven men, below which there is a single た. What is its significance?
  • rukiak

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    たんぼ ( rice field ) です。 
    百姓たちを暗示しているらしいです。 It implies farmers.


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    ○△た in the flag symbolizes each social standing of the group.
    ○○○○○○ symbolize 6 samurais.
    △ implies Kikuchiyo himself, who is not a samurai but a would-be samurai.
    He is actually a peasant. In Japanese culture, we place △ between ○ and ×.
    た is the first letter of たんぼ(田んぼ), which symbolizes peasants (in the village).
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