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    There was the term of "single-arm study" in an introduction of medicinal product. The context in which this term exists is;

    "PNH patients were also treated in a single arm 52 week study".

    I couldn't figure out what single arm study refers to. I googled it but nothing comes out, at least not in sense of definition.

    What could it be?
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    A single-arm study is one in which there is only one group of subjects: no control group and no other experimental group.
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    Thank you very much Nunty and Bluegiraffe
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    If you don't mind a little Spanish interspersed with the English definition, see
    single arm

    Single-arm study
    A group of subjects with a specified indication and managed with a specified therapy (eg involving the proposed drug are systematically observed to measure outcomes of interest. A quasi-experimental study can be generated by comparing the results of one or more single-arm studies of therapy involving the proposed drug with the results of one or more similar studies (usually by different investigators in different settings) of therapy involving its main comparator(s).
    This definition was taken from an Australian government health website.
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    Not at all :) Panjandrum. In fact it was the first outcome of my search on google and I've read the definition but couldn't understand it. Nunty gave me much more clear definition of it.

    Thank you all.

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