Single cane rum

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Hi! I bought a bottle of rum in a duty free zone - it looked nice so I bought it. It's described as "single cane rum". Now we're drinking it it tastes slightly different than any other rum. Does anybody know what single cane rum means?
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    This website (albeit a marketing one) seems to provide the answer:
    The vast majority of ordinary rum available is made from molasses, a cheap by-product of sugar refining. Molasses consists of indirect cane sugars which can not be converted into granulated sugar for the market, but can be used for industrial alcohol production.
    Premium single cane rum, by stark contrast, is made from freshly pressed sugar cane juice, undiluted and 100% pure.
    30 to 40 kilos of fresh sugar cane are required to produce just one litre of this high quality cane spirit.
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