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  1. sayuri2005 Member

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    ¿ Qué diferencia existe entre decir single y unmarried ?

    En documentos oficiales, es mejor utilizar "unmarried" ?
    Por ejemplo, en un acta oficial, cuando se menciona a una persona y su estado civil:

    JUAN PEREZ, DNI ..., de veinte años de edad, soltero, comerciante, domiciliado en...

    Gracias por su respuesta.
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  3. Kira Member

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    In formal documents the options available to classify status would be married, single..

    So if you are not married (even if you have a partner) you would select "single".

    The word unmarried does not tend to appear in formal documents.

    Hope that helps you a little!
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    Acabo de ver este thread y me gustaría informarme sobre el foro de Legal Terminology del que habla Araceli.

    Mil gracias!!
  5. MSdoubt Member

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    I have legal documents that stated unmarried insted of single. And I am looking for the difference. Could be that single means never been married and unmarried is that at this moment the persons is not married put in some point he was?
    I would really appriciate the unswer.
  6. dodo Member

    Considering it's a legal document, maybe this link may help

    Unmarried persons. You are considered unmarried for the whole year if, on the last day of your tax year, you are unmarried or legally separated from your spouse under a divorce or separate maintenance decree.

    State law governs whether you are married or legally separated under a divorce or separate maintenance decree.

  7. MSdoubt Member

    Argentina - spanish
  8. jbu1 Member

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    Hi! I am very very late...
    However, I do understand the difference between single and unmarried, but how can you put it in Spanish?
    single - soltero
    unmarried - no casado??
    Porque definitivamente lo es lo mismo "soltero" que "unmarried" pues el último puede indicar que estuvo en algún punto casado.

  9. MSdoubt Member

    Argentina - spanish
    Thanks for the answer.

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