singular or plural verb after "percent"

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  1. ediskvaka Senior Member

    What form of the verb to be must be used after the word percent?
    For example: A large percent of Oxford undergraduates is / are from public schools.
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    American English
  3. fero45 Member

    It is like in other languages. I think, with a little dose of imagination you could use both

    1 - percentage ..... is .... (statistics, non-personal)
    2 - abiding by the law of proximity (the closest element) ... undergraduates are
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    I believe that "a percent/percentage of" (like "all of") acts as a quantitative modifier of the noun, and thus the noun determines the singular or plural status of the verb. *The* percentage (like the difference between "a number of" and "the number of") makes "percentage" rather than the following noun the subject.

    A large percentage of the students were waiting in the hall.
    The large percentage of students in the audience was quite unexpected.

    Others may differ with me on this.

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