singular/plural : I really enjoy wearing a hat/hats.

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I am trying to learn singular/plural.

How would you as a native speaker say this?

(I have many hats.)

I really enjoy wearing a hat/hats.

I know that I only wear one hat at a time, so it is logical to say it with "a hat", but I am confused, because when you talk about food, I think native speakers usually use plural (Ex. "I like apples.") rather than singular (Ex. "I like an/the apple.")

Thank you.
  • roxcyn

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    American English [AmE]
    Exactly. Even though you typically only wear one hat at a time (some people, especially rappers, wear more than one ;) ), we use the plural form in that situation:
    "I really enjoy wearing hats".

    Keep in mind, in your day-to-day routine, you could use the singular form: "Usually, I wear a hat, a T-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes to work."
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