1. edwingill Senior Member

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    I have been reading about the so-called "sink estates" in the context of the current situation in France. "After World War II the French built the so-called sink estates for the workers they encouraged to emigrate to help rebuild the nation."
  2. zam

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    England -french (mother tongue) & english
    'Sink estates', 'sink schools', etc. in these common English phrases, 'sink' as an epithet would usually translate as 'poubelles', so 'cités poubelles' could be a crude translation here. If you refine the translation though, it would translate as 'cités d'urgence' (literally 'estate built to answer an emergency'). They have become through our last pc-conscious decades ('pc', incidentally =politiquement CONVENABLE, NOT politiquement CORRECT) 'cités/zones de non-droit', now 'zones urbaines sensibles' (Z.U.S) in journo-speak.
  3. Moon Palace

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    Dear fellow foreros and friends,

    I am reviving this thread first of all because I am not totally satisfied with the suggestions above, and because I am faced with a tricky pun, which I fail to solve, either because I am being lazy or because my neurons have suddenly shrunk...

    a sink estate

    The sink estate has sunk to unrivalled lows of bleakness.
    La cité ghetto a atteint un niveau abyssal de désolation?

    I can't find a way of keeping the pun sink/ sunk, and what is worse, I fail to find a more idiomatic but as powerful wording in French.
    Surely, geni are numerous around, and I'll be thankful to those who will help.
  4. Jasmine tea Senior Member

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    La cité ghetto vit son grand plongeon dans la plus morne désolation jamais connue.

    Not very idiomatic. Peut-être un peu long, un peu lourd. Mais quand je lis la phrase, sa longueur me déprime... alors peut-être que....

    Au départ je suis partie de l'idée d'utiliser le verbe plonger.... et voilà où j'en suis arrivée.

    Si je trouve mieux... reviendrai sur le thread

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