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    If we wouldn't be extracting so many fossil fuels out of the earth, we wouldn't have so many sinkholes.

    so viele ???.

    I've seen a lot of translations for "sinkhole". What one is pretty generic, i.e., common?
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    I believe in this case sinkhole has this geological meaning:

    If this geological meaning is intended, there is unfortunately no German word that is well known and commonly used. Geologically it is called Doline if created by natural processes, but this term is unknown in public. For anthropogenically created sinkholes, I have not found a proper term. Einsturztrichter, Erdsenken, Erdsenkungen or Senkloch might be possibly understood, but are not common.

    (Just a content-related note: Whether fossil fuel extraction causes sinkholes, might be open to discussion -- generally sinkholes are created by water associated processes, whether natural or anthropogenic.)
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    You mean holes left by surface mining? The are called "Tagebaurestloch" which is a rather technical term.

    In everday speech I'd probably just say "Tagebauloch" or simply "Loch" if the context is clear.

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