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Among business technology organizations, there can be a fine line between long-term plans and sinkholes. We don't ever want to go back to seven-year ERP or system management rollouts. But we also don't want every business department making technology purchases independent of an IT architecture-accumulating, as former Chase CIO Denis O'Leary puts it, "products and platforms that have now become the equivalent of corporate cholesterol."

What does sinkhole here refer to?

  • cuchuflete

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    This is a figurative use of sinkhole. A sinkhole is a very large depression in land, and enormous quantities of water—or money when used figuratively—disappear into it, never to be seen again.

    A seven year ERP rollout would certainly qualify as a sinkhole for corporate resources, both cash and staff time and attention. Whatever savings might have been anticipated from a new ERP system would be swallowed up by an implementation taking that long.
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