1. marjomarjo Member

    france, french
    Comment traduiriez-vous: "dans une premiere partie nous nous interesserons a..."?
    Et plus largement, comment traduit-on en general "s'interesser a "?
  2. FAC13

    FAC13 Senior Member

    English, UK
    Hi, is there something about the WR entry here, which you don't think fits your example?
  3. marjomarjo Member

    france, french
    I don't know really, it sounds strange to me to say "we will be interested in", or we will take an interest in..."
    Is " we will get involved in" better?
  4. FAC13

    FAC13 Senior Member

    English, UK
    I've just seen your other post - is this part of the introduction to the same document?

    If so I suggest "in the first part we will examine".

    Clearly this is not a literal translation ...
  5. marjomarjo Member

    france, french
    Yes it is the plan announce. But all along my report i have to use it again and again, and sometimes "to take an interest in" sounds weird.
    Examine is better I think.
  6. Chris25 Senior Member

    India English
    Look into could be another alternative. But, it depends on the context.
  7. prettyflamingo Member

    france and french
    what about "we will deal with..."?

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