Sistem sala/систем сала (BCS)


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Could someone suggest an English translation for the term "sistem sala" in BCS (or Macedonian, assuming it has the same meaning in both languages), for example in the following sentences found online:

"Sistem sala Centra informacionog sistema, koja je srce informacionog sistema Univerziteta Crne Gore, rekonstrusana je i unaprijeđena novom serverskom infratsrukturom koja će unaprijediti sve segmente rada na Univerzitetu Crne Gore."

"Morat ću te upozoriti da je standard topline sistem sale 22c po nekakvim svjeckim (sic) normativima"

Is it perhaps a "server room"? I have also seen "serverska soba" in BCS, so if there is a difference between "sistem sala" and "serverska soba", perhaps the latter is a server room and the former something else. I also think that "sistem sala" is distinct from a data center, the latter being larger, sometimes a separate building, or off-premises, and possibly offering server collocation services rather than only housing the company's own IT equipment.

Thank you in advance
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