sistema unidireccional semi-prefabricado de pre losas aligeradas


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I'm translating an architectural text and it's full of technic words difficult to translate... Here I post for "pre losas aligeradas", but I'll post for many others. Let's see if we can enrich the architectural vocabulary of Wordreference! :)

Please, feel free to correct anything in the texts that doesn't sound well!

Original text:
"Los forjados se resuelven con jácenas de canto que cubren luces de aproximadamente 8m y que recogen un sistema unidireccional semi-prefabricado de pre losas aligeradas."

"The horizontal structure consists of 8m-long span thick beams that support a one-way prefabricated structure system consisting of ribbed reinforced concrete pre-slabs."
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    Hello, Little_Little.

    Our "one question per thread" rule is not clear in cases like this, where there are multiple terms to translate in one sentence. In this case, I think it will be a better use of our time if we take the whole sentence together, rather than breaking it up into 4 or 5 threads.

    Can you give us more specific information about the kind of structure being described? It might help us translate the sentence.



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    Catalan (Catalonia) / Spanish (Spain)
    Thank you and my sincere appology for the inconvenience...

    Well, we're talking about a one-way direction structure, that is supported by thick beams (thicker than the slab). The beams supports are 8m away from each other, and the slabs are made of partly prefabricated reinforced concrete.

    I hope it helped, I truly can't explain it better...

    Thanks for everything!