sistemas pasivos de refrigeración

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    I suppose this thread has to be oppened here. I am translating a text into English and it contains some specific vocabulary. I found hard to translate "sistemas pasivos de refrigeración"

    La orientación y emplazamiento de la vivienda son elementos clave para aprovechar al máximo los sistemas pasivos de refrigeración, calefacción, aislamiento e iluminación.

    Housing orientation and location are key elements to take the most advantage of passive cooling system, heating, isolation and lighting.

    I had to google it because I had no idea. The problem now is that I do not know the order of the words. Do I have to write passive cooling, heating, isolating and lighting systems? Or maybe is too long...

    Thanks in advance!
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    That's as short as you can make it, and shorter than the Spanish, so muy bien.
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    El original dice "sistemas pasivos" y tiene una lista de los sistemas: refrigeracion, calefaccion, etc. Es decir que todos son sistemas pasivos.

    Entonces, en ingles debe ser, "... advantage of the passive systems of cooling, heating, insulation and lighting." Si dices, "passive cooling, heating, insulation and lighting." it could be understood that only the cooling is a passive system.
  4. Taber New Member

    Many thanks to both of you!! You were really helpful. I think I got it!
    UnGringo, sí, tienes toda la razón. Diciéndolo del modo que lo había escrito no daba el significado que quería darle. Y la aclaración que me haces es estupenda. Muchas gracias!
    donbeto, sorry for not answering before, but I didn't see the notification in my email. Yours is also really helpful. Yes, sometimes this kind of structures drive me crazy because I don't know how to express all the qualities/adjectives/words that appear adding features to the noun.
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    Creo que sería "passive systems for cooling..."

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