sistemi di ricezione satellitare e terrestre


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I'm translating a pamphlet which will be handed out to the guests attending an awarding ceremony sponsored by company called TELEsystem.
The sentence describing the company's field is the following:

"TELESystem Electronic è una delle aziende leader per i sistemi di ricezione satellitare e terrestre"

I can't figure out what "
sistemi di ricezione satellitare e terrestre" exactely means, as I think it's very generic.

Any ideas what the cultural equivalent could be?


  • Well... I don't really think there is a "cultural" version of theese few words... "satellite and terrestrial reception systems"...
    I suggest you to keep the literal meaning without venturing into weird solutions...
    Does this company manufacture satellite and land-based/terrestrial reception components for digital TV? Things like antennas and receivers?

    If so, I think you can say:

    Satellite and terrestrial reception systems

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