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"So that's all side. Right, what about sisters and sister-in-laws or brother-in-laws? Is there anybody left?"

Here, sister-in-laws and sisters-in-law are right ? Same meaning? Which is common and better in native English?
  • The plural of sister-in-law is "sisters-in-law", and not "sister-in-laws".
    Jane and Ellen are my two sisters-in-law.

    The possessive of "sister-in-law" (that is, if you were describing something that belonged to one sister-in-law) is "sister-in-law's".
    That red Cadillac outside is my sister-in-law's car.
    That text is not good English. What does "they are better cos you" mean? What is "cos"? And look at "So that's all side" -- this has no meaning in English that I can determine. With English this bad, it is not surprising that there would be the additional error of "sister-in-laws".
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