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Ciao a tutti, qualcuno saprebbe dirmi cosa significa "to sit on a ....position" nel contesto / gergo Human resources? La frase che devo tradurre, tratta da un tutorial, dice "Hello, I am Jack. I am sitting on a Backoffice Manager Position". Significa che si sta candidando / sta facendo una interview o che è un ruolo che già ricopre..? Grazie infinite a chi riuscirà a darmi una mano!

Dal contesto mi sembra di intendere che il soggetto parlante sta selezionando (e quindi facendo interviews) a candidati per la posizione specificata. Può essere questo il senso di "I am sitting on?"

Can anyone tell me what is the meaning of sit on in this tipe of context (HR)? "Hello, I am Jack. I am sitting on a Backoffice Manager Position".
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    Ciao patsmith e benvenut*!

    Suggerisco: "I am sitting on a Backoffice Manager Position" = "Ricopro la posizione di direttore del back office".



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    Here "sitting on" can be interpreted like a bird sitting on her eggs. It means there's a position available that Jack is ready to offer someone. I'd say this use of "to sit on" is a fairly common expression as in "I'm sitting on some information you might like to have."
    Just be careful since to sit on something can also mean to intentionally delay something "They sat on the news till the situation changed".


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    Hi rrose17, your explanation sounds perfect and consistent with the context. Now I just have to find the right translation in Italian. Do you think that, in this particular case, a synonim of " I'm sitting on.." could be "I am recruiting.."?

    Thank you so much
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