sit on/at the table.

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  1. Donpayin Senior Member

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    First, allow me to thank you all you guys for your help on grammar.

    What should be the correct preposition in this sencente? at or On?

    * When you are sitting __________ the table for dinner

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Anteoja Member


    It is: To sit AT the table for dinner.

  3. NightJay0044

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    I think it might be dependant on what tense you are using.

    I believe you should use the word "at" When you are sittting "at" the table for dinner. Because you wouldn't want to sit "on" the table for dinner..

    Hope this helps..

    Adios amigo
  4. Junk Senior Member

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    Sitting on the table es sentarse encima de la mesa.
  5. mca_moon New Member

  6. kayokid

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    Hello. You sit at the table (for dinner, etc.). Period.

    You sit on the table when you really mean that you are sitting physically on top of the table, that is, your butt is on top of the table.
  7. djwebb1969 Banned

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    May I reopen a dormant thread?

    I wanted to explain something to a foreigner, and I agree that "at the table" is the norm, but it seems there are contexts where "on a table" is used.

    At the table: sitting at the table for dinner.
    On a certain table: seems to refer to assignment to a particular table when there is a choice of tables.

    Eg: "the bride's family sit on the top table during the reception".

    This is how it seems to me anyway, as a native speaker of English. Do other people agree there are circumstances where you would say "on a table"? Note that "on a table" and "at the table" are not in free variation and "on the table" cannot replace "at the table" where it means "sitting adjacent to the table in readiness to eat". "On a certain table" has to refer to allocation among tables.
  8. FromPA

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    Not in the US.
  9. WickedLady New Member

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    Sorry for the necropost, but it seems relevant.

    Three days before their first exam, Professor McGonagall made another announcement at breakfast.
    ‘You’ve caught the heir of Slytherin!’ squealed a girl on the Ravenclaw table.

    Does it mean the girl was really sitting ON the dining table? Or am i missing something? Is it what djwebb was talking about?
  10. fenixpollo

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    American English
    I think so, because the context doesn't support the interpretation that she waould be standing or sitting on top of the table. It sounds strange to my American ears, so I think it's a British variant.

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