situation makes it irrelevant for ... status to be disclosed

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Baltic Sea

Hello everybody!

Ms = woman - married or unmarried when the situation makes it irrelevant for their marital status to be disclosed.

I would like to make sure that my understanding is right.

Does the marked fragment mean "does not necessitate their marital status being disclosed" or "does not require their marital status to be disclosed" or "when in the situation it does not matter whether or not their marital status is disclosed"?

Thank you. The source:
  • George French

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    English - UK
    Simply put, if you use Ms you are taking the viewpoint that the marriage status of the woman is not disclosed and is not relevant...


    Now what we really need is HB, human being, when the sex of the person is not considered to be important.


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    In that situation, their marital status does not matter. It is the marital status itself that need not be disclosed.

    Whether or not their marital status is disclosed, though, often does matter. Many people (not only women) do not like that the traditional forms of address for women describe their marital status, while those for men do not. Thus, they prefer to use forms of address that do not give that information.

    Thus, your first two interpretations are correct. The third is not.
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