six-mat dining-kitchen

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Couch Tomato

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The Rat put both hands behind his head, shut his eyes, and tried to picture her apartment. He wasn’t really sure because he’d only gone in twice.
The door opened on a six-mat dining-kitchen; orange tablecloth, potted ornamentals, four chairs, orange juice and newspaper on the table, a stainless steel teapot, all neatly arranged, not a smudge or stain anywhere, and the two small rooms beyond with the partition removed to make one room.

(Murakami, Haruki. Pinball, 1973. Trans. Alfred Birnbaum.)

What does "six-mat" mean? I've looked at the definitions of "mat", but I really have no idea.
  • cyberpedant

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    A rush-covered straw mat which is the usual floor-covering in Japan and the size of which (approx. six feet by three feet) functions as a standard unit in room measurement.
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