1. ¿Qué significa la palabra "skank"?
    ¿Una traducción aproximada podría ser "arpía"?
    La palabra aparecía en la película de Mean Girls, y la mencionaban varias veces... Una de ellas era:
    This girl is the nastiest skank bitch I've ever met. Don't trust her, she is a flugy slut!
    ¿Qué significa ahí?
  2. Valeria Mesalina

    Valeria Mesalina Senior Member

    Santiago de Compostela
    Spanish, Spain
    Es cualquier sustancia sucia y asquerosa. Supongo que en España se podría traducir como "zorra de mierda".
  3. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    "mujerzuela" / "puta"
  4. Moritzchen Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Spanish, USA
    Es una basura.
  5. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    skank: (n.) a slang term for a promiscuous person, usually a woman.
  6. rober_arro

    rober_arro Senior Member

    skank se le llama a una mujer jóven que no se lava, es pobre y que toma drogas, una prostituta sucia
  7. Fortuna Felix

    Fortuna Felix Senior Member

    Southern California
    English - California
    It has nothing to do with being literally dirty, or bathing, or economic level. It is exclusively a reference to promiscuity.
  8. Thank you everybody!

    Eskerrik asko!
  9. not me Senior Member

    Sierra Morena, Andalucía
    English International
    In my neighbourhood: a not very attractive member of the female species. Nothing to do with promiscuity.

    YNMV (Your neighbourhood may vary.)
  10. -mack-

    -mack- Senior Member

    Los Angeles
    American English
    not_me is probably right — it can vary.

    Fortuna_Felix, I agree with you. I see you, like me, live in Southern California, and we definitely use it as a reference to the girl being promiscuous. However, in Ohio, where I grew up, it referred more to a girl who dressed sloppily and generally looked like she didn't spend much time on her appearance — she may or may not have been promiscuous.

    I'd also say that the word might be equivalent in meaning to "puta," but I don't think the word is as vulgar/offensive/explicit as puta is. Skank is not really considered to be a swear word; it is not censored on television nor the radio. It is definitely not a polite word, though.
  11. Thank you Mack! I think in the movie they were refering to a promiscuous girl... Anyways thank you for the explanation! You said that it's not a swear word so I think that the closer traduction in Spanish would be this expression: "ligera de cascos"
    Can it be?
    ¡Gracias de nuevo! Besos.
  12. K.Z.

    K.Z. Senior Member

    U.S. English/Spanish
    These days it's just another way of saying "slut."
  13. jboone33 New Member

    What the meaning of Flugy??? in that sentence
  14. FromPA

    FromPA Senior Member

    Philadelphia area
    USA English
    I have only heard "skank" used to refer to a female, and it is not just promiscuous, but disgustingly promiscuous, so much so that even the most promiscuous male would be embarrassed to admit he had sex with her. It's a very demeaning word.
  15. FromPA

    FromPA Senior Member

    Philadelphia area
    USA English
    I think it was "fugly" = fuckin' ugly.
  16. Alex5 Senior Member

    Spanish and Catalan
    Para Skank podría servir "golfa" o "fresca", en el sentido de "ligera de cascos" promiscua. No tiene la vulgaridad de puta o zorra. Creo que se adecua al uso de skank.

    Espero haber ayudado.

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