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I was reading this sentence and it really made me confused:

"The figures of general and Mortal Prez sketch this problematic in ways that there is no room here to discuss."

Does that mean"to sketch something problematic" or the author used "problematic" instead of problem I mean "this problematic".

thanks in advance
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    Can you tell us the source and give us a couple of sentences preceding the one you quote? The one you quote is bothersome, because problematic is an adjective and seems to be behaving like a noun in the sentence. (Are you sure you've quoted it accurately?)


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    This is a work about Latin American literature and it seems to include other unusual phrases (as well as frequent passages in Spanish). A couple of sentences before that, the writer refers to a "textual assault", another unfamiliar usage.

    Access to the book's text is very limited at the Amazon site.

    I can't help with your question; perhaps someone else will be able to do so.


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