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Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by renatapatry, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. renatapatry

    renatapatry Senior Member


    I have to make a sentence with these words: laufe/ich/in Österreich/Ski/im Februar and I am not sure where to put Ski, after laufe or before it.
    This is what I did:

    Ich laufe Ski im Februar in Österreich


    Im Februar laufe ich Ski in Österreich.

    Could you, please, correct my mistakes and tell me how it's correct?

    Thank you very much for your help!
  2. perpend

    perpend Banned

    American English
    Well, if it's a test question for you as a native Romanian speaker, then it's a test question for me as a native American English speaker.

    Here's my non-native try.

    Im Februar laufe ich in Österreich ski/schi.

    Native speakers of German will be along soon!

    EDIT: Something tells me that "skilaufen" is not separable. Where is the test question from?
  3. Frank78

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    Meanwhile the verb "skilaufen" consists of a noun and is written "Ski laufen". Similar to "Rad fahren". :D

    "Ich laufe im Februar in Österreich Ski." would be the first sentence.

    Although I have to confess that your second sentence does not strike me as particularly wrong, renata.

    So to sum it up:

    Ich laufe im Februar (Ski) in Österreich (Ski). - "Ski" can occupy either position and it still sounds natural

    Im Februar laufe ich (Ski) in Österreich (Ski). - same here
  4. JudyJo New Member

    Hey you both,
    the sentence of perpend does sound much better. But the second sentence of renataparty is also right!
  5. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    It may sound good, but due to the spelling reform it is wrong now.
    Is has to be written with upper case "Ski".

    An alternate word with basically the same meaning is "Ski/Schi fahren".

    Do you have more context? It depends on where is the focus.
    Neutral: Ich laufe im Februar in Österreich Ski. (You can also use future: Im Februar werde ich in Österreich Ski laufen" - focus is on "Februar" here.)
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  6. renatapatry

    renatapatry Senior Member

    I don't have more context. It was just an exercise; I had to order the words to form a sentence.
    Thank you all for your help! :)
  7. Hutschi

    Hutschi Senior Member

    In this case all given sentences are ok, if you correct the spelling.
    As I explained, some are only used in special situations to emphasize parts.

    And there are even more possibilities. If they just want sentences, there is also the question.
    Laufe ich im Februar in Österreich Ski?
    In the question the finite verb is at the first position. "Ich" has to follow and the other phrases might be exchanged by each other.

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