skiing atrocities


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I wonder whether "skiing atrocities" can be simply written as "ski atrocities" with the same meaning being kept intact and still being natural in English.

Thanks in advance

Chomsky might object that to knowingly place the life of a child in jeopardy is unacceptable in any case, but clearly this is not a principle we can follow. The makers of roller coasters know, for instance, that despite rigorous safety precautions, sometime, somewhere, a child will be killed by one of their contraptions. <...................> So do makers of hockey sticks, baseball bats, plastic bags, swimming pools, chain-link fences, or nearly anything else that could conceivably contribute to the death of a child. There is a reason we do not refer to the inevitable deaths of children on our ski slopes as "skiing atrocities."

-Sam Harris' The End of Faith
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