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Hi:) Is someone who learns to ski a learner skier, a skiing learner or a ski learner? Or maybe I need a totally different word? Thanks:)
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    Accotding to our dictionary, you can have a "novice driver", so perhaps it should be "novice skier"?

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    We also have a learner driver so why not a learner skier?:) What about a beginner skier? By the way, a lot of websites concerning skiing courses use the term "learners" and I just wanted to verify whether it's correct...
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    snow bunny
    1. someone learning to ski. This little slope is for snow bunnies. Most of the snow bunnies come here to socialize.
    2. a young, attractive female at a skiing lodge. some cute little snow bunny came over and sat beside me.This place is swarming with snow bunnies who have never even seen a ski.
    See also: bunny, snow
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    Nice question here. Related to this, what's the reverse/opposite, I mean the person who teaches skiing? Is it a 'ski monitor', by any chance?
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