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The madman

Una donna recita

"in this cold season of the year, I feel bemoaned. The landscape is scenic enough with the swallows SKIMMING over the sky"

I can try to translate

"In questa fredda stagione dell'anno mi sento di piangere (?). Il paesaggio è abbastanza pittoresco con le rondini (??) in cielo"


Il contesto non c'è nel senso che la scena parte così.
  • BristolGirl

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    My suggestion :
    "In questa fredda stagione dell'anno la tristezza incombe. Il paesaggio è abbbastanza pittoresco con le rondini che sfiorano il cielo."

    Giorgio Spizzi

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    I'd like to help but this is the first time I see "bemoaned" used as an adjective in English.
    As for the structure --- and trusting Brist for the choice of "tristezza" -- an I'd be in favour of " "In questa fredda stagione incombe la tristezza."


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    Hi Giorgio ! It's the passive tense - not an adjective. I think it's impossible to translate 'I feel bemoaned' - it means: I feel so low as if I were the mourned one, as if the weight of mourning, lamenting and sadness were on me : the object 'I am bemoaned by others'. i.e as if I were dead. Hence the choice of 'la tristezza incombe' which meant losing the first person as the subject of the 'bemoaning' but keeping the weight of 'incombe' like the weight of 'mourning'. I thought of an alternative 'In questa stagione dell'anno il freddo mi cade addosso come uno sudario' -but that's probably too much !! Any other suggestions??
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