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  1. elrhq New Member

    Hi i am a student who is studying English.

    i have some questions about the role regarding grammatical Engilsh.

    i am cofused about meaning of 'which in turn'<<--(is this correct sentence?)^^;;

    Also, i don't know when i use 'which in turn'

    please, teach me detailedly^^

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    Hi, elrhq, and welcome to the forum.

    The meaning of "which in turn" always follows directly from the meaning of "which" and the meaning of "in turn". Unfortunately, both "which" and "in turn" have several possible meanings depending on context.

    Do you have a sample sentence (or two or three)?
  3. elrhq New Member


    ^^ Ok..
    This sentence is in my book.^^

    This works in tandem with a series of electro rexeptors spread across the fish's body surface. Each acts like a miniature voltmeter that monitors the voltage across the skin, which in turn conveys sensory information to the brain that creates a "picture" of objects in the surrounding waters.
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    Yes, this is correct. "Which" here refers to the skin. You could understand it as follows:
    Each acts like a miniature voltmeter that monitors the voltage across the skin, the skin in turn conveys sensory ....
    In turn means something like "then"....

    Does this answer your question?
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    It's generally used as a followup to another action with a change of subject, if that helps.

    For example: "The batch job passes the error to the summary process, which in turn sends an e-mail alert to the help desk."
  6. elrhq New Member

    Yes i understand it

    ^^ thank you!!!!!

    have a great day!!
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    Do I need commas around "in turn"?
    This linked list is divided into several equal sublists which, in turn, are distributed among available processors.
  8. Florentia52

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    No, they're optional.

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