1. Almodovar Senior Member

    What is a skinny broad ?
    Une nana..., une pépée... comment ?
  2. vsop44 Senior Member

    pays d'Evangeline
    français France
    Une femme qui n'a que la peau sur les os .
  3. pieanne

    pieanne Senior Member

    Nice Hinterland
  4. sejean Senior Member

    English - USA
    I have to respond in English (too difficult for me to describe in French) so I hope this is helpful.

    "Broad" is old-fashioned slang for a woman. In crime movies from the 1940s, for instance, women are often referred to as "broads" or "dames." It's not a very nice word, but not vulgar. A broad might hang around in bars and date gamblers and petty crooks, but underneath her tough exterior she might have a good heart. Nowadays "broad" is so old-fashioned that it sounds rather humorous.

    Skinny is quite straight-forward; if more clarification is needed look in Google Images. Whether "skinny" is considered a compliment, neutral or an insult depends very much on the speaker and the audience. Some people (women mostly!) would be proud to be called "skinny"; others would think that skinny means "unappealingly thin."

    Back in the day when people used the term "broads," "skinny" was probably mildly derogatory, implying a woman who had a boyish figure (not many curves).

    Edit: It just occurred to me that this may be a pun, since "broad," when used as an adjective, means the opposite of skinny.
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  5. Almodovar Senior Member

    Thanks Sejean for your subtile explanation, it's very clear.
    Une gringalette, une chouette nana, une pépée bien roulée, une poule, une gonzesse, une sylphide, une tanagra etc in french.

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