skivvy-wearing, cappuccino-drinking tree-huggers


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I'm kind of stuck on the translation into French of that sentence :

A city mayor says :
"The closure of the timber mill was the greatest piece of bureaucratic bungling by a pack of soft-hearted, communist sympathizing, city dwelling, skivvy-wearing, cappuccino-drinking tree-huggers."

I was thinking " ...une bande de sympathisants communistes, citadins écolos en sous-pulls et amateurs de cappuccino, sans aucune ambition"
but I'm not satisfied with the "en sous-pull" which doesn't sound right coming from a city mayor doing a speech.
What would you think of : "babas cool citadins amateurs de..."

Here's a lonk to another post about this sentence :

Thanks a lot for your help
  • silaya

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    Littéralement, je dirais:

    Une bande de sympatisants communistes au coeur tendre, citadins écolos en sous-pull/polo à col roulé, amateurs/adeptes de capuccino.

    I don't understand where the "sans ambition" comes from?

    If you really want to translate this with a single term, I'd say "bobos" instead of "baba cool". But maybe I'm wrong :)

    It seems that "skivvy-wearing" is sort of a type of persons but I couldn't find its exact meaning...


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    France French
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    "Sans-ambition" would be my translation of "soft-hearted"; the context being politics it seems right. For me "au coeur tendre" seems too literal, it doesn't sound natural.
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