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I know that in general, the meaning of this Polish word is 'edge'.
But there are some online dictionaries that show another meanings such as 'border, boundary, outskirts'.

I would like to know if this word have these different meanings depending on the context.

For example: Miasto położone jest na południowym skraju Peak District.
Could we translate it as 'border' or 'boundary'?

Thank you
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    Skraj means, as you said, edge, border, boundary, outskirts - all of those are correct, depending on the context. For example, you'd say "na skraju miasta", which means "in the suburbs / outskirts of the city". In the sentence that you provided as the context, I'd translate "skraj" as "edge".

    Also, just for you to know more, there is an adjective "skrajny" which derives from "skraj". Skrajny means radical or extreme, eg "skrajna reakcja" - radical reaction, etc.

    Hope it helped :)