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    What does "slack assets" mean? Unused assets?
    Infighting and backbiting tend to be less visible on a winning team than on a losing one. When
    resources are relatively abundant, political dynamics are less prominent because it’s easier to
    use slack assets to keep everyone happy.

    Source: Reframing Organizations
    That means, competitiveness and internal conflicts and ill talk are clearly seen in losing team than the winning one. Because when one wins, the target is accomplished. Only when you lose, you try to think of the reasons losing. So when you lose you try to find a way to pass the responsibility to another. Like that, when people are happy with whatever the resources that want, they don't see the changes that are taking place in political field. Because people are happy with "slack assets". This must be a term related to business field. As I can understand from words I can give the meaning like this. That means, people can be made happy which they think that are important to them, but actually in reality they are not that useful. Further that means, people can be made happy with superficial things like competitions, films, matches and so on in a society, but in reality people are made forgotten of the important changes in the society thereby preventing chaos. In a way people are deceived by "slack assets"


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    I don't really know. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me and I've never heard the term before. From the context it seems to mean that if the 'team' is doing well and is making plenty of money, office politics and disagreements are less obvious because there's no criticising or blaming each other for failing (not making enough money).

    'slack assets' seems to refer to extra/excess money available, so everyone's happy with their job and doesn't start criticising everyone else.