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I learnt that "Eat it up!" means "I like it." After that I met an American teacher and I want to say "I love your classes." Therefore I said "I eat your classes up." As soon as I finished that, he became kind of confused.
But while looking it up on Urban dictionary, I found that the word had not the meaning of " to like it" ,but rather some other meanings(even some very bad meanings).
I just want to whether it could be used on that occasion?Thank you all.
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    To "eat up" something is to consume it eagerly and almost greedily. If I love receiving adulation, you might say that I eat it up. It's not a phrase that sounds natural in many contents, though.

    There's also another potential problem: to "eat up" can also mean to accept something as truth automatically, without questioning its veracity.


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    I think the problem is that with the meaning you intended, we usually say " eat it up" as a fixed phrase, as bibliolept says.

    I don't think that your teacher thought of the vulgar meaning. That would be said differently.

    I suspect that it was only the unfamiliar phrasing that caused confusion.
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